(2 credits) This course will examine mind training from both traditional Tibetan Buddhist and secular science-based approaches. Tibetan Buddhist teachers developed a genre of Buddhist teachings called lojong (mind training) that purport that the key to happiness is not a life free of problems but rather the development of a mind capable of transforming adversity. Lojong offers sensible advice for mindfully and compassionately transforming any problem or situation into a cause of happiness. This radical ability to embrace compassion and tranquility when facing difficult conditions is a challenging skill to hone, and this course aims to take a practical approach, drawing on contemporary ideas of mindfulness, self-control, and conscientious decision-making. The course will explore these topics through study of classical and contemporary texts, reflection, meditation, and discussion. It will offer experiential classical mind training through guided meditation, and lessons will be offered for employing willpower and compassion in everyday life.