The Maitripa College MDiv program encourages students to not only study the theories of spiritual and pastoral care, but also begin their praxis of applying their understanding, skills, and contemplative practice in the care of self and others. Students train in the classroom, hone skills in spiritual care conversations in the Maitripa College community, then are encouraged to pursue internships/field education in chaplaincy settings, specialized independent study courses, and/or clinical healthcare chaplaincy training. Throughout, students deepen their inner resources and reflections in the context of a caring, Buddhist, learning-centered community.

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

To date, the majority of MDiv students have completed one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) for credit during their MDiv degree program. Maitripa College MDiv courses prepare students for application to independent, accredited CPE programs, as evidenced by our current 100% acceptance rate.  CPE Certified Educators, professional Chaplains, and alumni are frequent guests in Maitripa College classes, supporting students’ understanding of the profession, and the relationships between graduate studies, clinical training, and their personal spiritual formation process. Read more about CPE and requirements for employment and Board Certification as a chaplain in Paths to Professional Chaplaincy.

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Independent Study, Internship, and Field Education Opportunities

Some students complete independent studies or mentored field education in specialized chaplaincy sectors. We are interested in emergent spaces, courses, and sites for training and learning. Exciting opportunities have been recently created for training in Social Justice Movement chaplaincy (online with Daring Compassion, from the Faith Matters Network), Hospice chaplaincy (in private Hospice agencies, online training through Authentic Presence, and expected in late 2022 with Hopewell House), and prison chaplaincy (with Rev. Karuna Thompson at the Oregon State Penitentiary).  

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Private Spiritual Care Conversations

Maitripa College offers opportunities for community care and student learning in the form of private, short, confidential, spiritual care conversations. Our advanced students in the MDiv degree programs receive opportunities to practice developing skills for chaplaincy or similar service when community volunteers are invited to schedule appointments to speak with them. Volunteers share something with which they are struggling or questions or concerns they might have about themselves, their loved ones, their stressors, losses and grief, or dharma practice. Many people benefit from the opportunity to reflect on integrating spiritual practice and values into their lives, particularly in these challenging times. Students gain invaluable practice with self-awareness, compassionate presence, and reflective listening, and grow as spiritual care providers through consultation afterwards with faculty and peers.

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