“Words Like Gold” Public Lecture Series

MCI-Logo-2016The Maitripa College Mindfulness & Compassion Initiative Lecture Series Announces a new and exciting lecture series:

Words Like Gold: Approaches to Challenging Topics in Transmitting Buddhism to the Modern World

“O bhikshus and wise men
Just as a goldsmith would test his gold
By burning, cutting, and rubbing it,
So must you examine my words and accept them.
But not merely out of reverence for me.”

– Buddha
(Skt) Ghanavyuhasutra
(Tib) stug po bkod pa’i mdo
(Eng) Sutra on the Heavily Adorned Array

About the Series

Past and future lives, the place of women, karma, sexuality, diversity, and death—in contemporary society these are topics most challenging for westerners interested in the study and practice of Buddhism. In this provocative series, we invite you to join us as we invite leading scholar-practitioners to share with us how they have grappled with these topics in their study and practice.

Series Emphasis

  • dialogue
  • the role of scriptural and traditional authority
  • multiple informed points of view
  • the role of critical thought
  • the influences of social values and structures of the West
  • practical application
  • for everyday life
  • how to work with this topic through a contemplative lens

Series Topics