If there are four possibilities between two phenomena, all the points of similarity and difference are exemplified. When two phenomena have four possibilities for comparison, there is no pervasion between them: whatever is A is not necessarily B, and whatever is B is not necessarily A. Nevertheless, there is at least on common locus that is both A and B. There is also (usually) something which is neither. On page when the fields are submitted the diagram and the statement “X is both Y and Z” display the meaning of two phenomena with a common locus but that do not pervade each other. As an example of this, impermanent and different-from-functioning-thing have four possibilities. Their common locus is impermanent phenomenon, copper pot, form, and so forth. That which is impermanent but not different-from-functioning-thing is functioning thing. That which is different-from-functioning-thing but not impermanent is space. The horns of a rabbit is neither.

Phenomena Having Four Possibilities

[ ] is both [ ] and [ ].