Maitripa College Compassion in Action Volunteers offer service to the community in a multitude of ways, including in support of community programs, visiting teachers, Thursday night practice, Sunday teachings, practice retreats, and special conferences in the greater Portland area. The benefits to the individual volunteer are many and vast, as are the benefits of offering service to those who have given us so much – our teachers, our Dharma brothers and sisters, and our community.  Here are introductions to a few of the many who have offered service over the years.  We will be adding more highlights here periodically so watch for updates and, if you are inspired, we hope you will join us!

Michael T. Hughes

Mike has been coming to Maitripa College for about two years. When he’s not at the college, he is a caretaker for his mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s. As heartbreaking as that can be, [...]

Stacey Jones

Stacey moved to Portland in 1995 from Denison, Texas. She is currently a live-in caregiver and also cares for other people. Stacey enjoys riding her bike around Portland, studying and practicing yoga asana, dharma, and [...]

Adriana Lakob

Adriana was born and lived in Romania until about ten years ago. She worked as an Administrative Assistant for a chemicals company, and moved to Portland when she married her husband, Dan. Adriana and [...]