The Maitripa College entrance is located on Market Street. Please enter the building through this entrance and avoid entering through the 11th Avenue side of the building unless the student is meeting with a staff or faculty member in the administrative offices. Maitripa students are expected to respect Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition International Office (FPMT IOF) work area and should not enter the International Office facilities at any time without invitation.

We ask that students be punctual to classes. If you are late and the doors are already closed, this is an indication that class has already begun. Please do not ring the FPMT IOF doorbell. On weekdays when we have classes, students must exit the building by 10:00 PM at the latest. The alarm system will arm itself after this time.

As an urban campus, we encourage students to protect the security of their belongings by keeping personal items with them while on campus and not leaving bags outside of their classroom (the Jokhang in the case of meditation class) while class is in session.

The restroom lights come on and off automatically.  Please wait a few seconds for lights to come on as turning them on manually will prevent the automatic system from working properly.