Administrative Offices

Maitripa’s administrative offices are open Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment with a staff member to ensure that they are available for your needs.

Course Materials

Students are responsible for purchasing their own course materials for each semester. Maitripa College does not have a bookstore. In certain cases, professors may make available readers for courses that will be available from the Maitripa College administrative office for a nominal fee.  Students are encouraged to check the “current students” section of the website for book lists for courses prior to the semester. Copies of all texts are available in the library on Reserves and/or for check out.

Public Programs

Maitripa College offers public programs such as weekly teachings and group meditation, monthly pujas and holiday observance, weekend workshops, short courses, continuing education, conferences, retreats, and pilgrimages that are open to the general community as well as the student body. Public program events are taught by invited guests as well as faculty members. Students are invited and encouraged to attend public program events whenever possible.

Jokhang Meditation Hall

The Jokhang meditation hall at Maitripa College hosts traditional Tibetan Buddhist religious teachings, rituals and prayers, and visiting lamas. It was given its name by Maitripa College’s president and primary teacher, Yangsi Rinpoche, after the famed temple in Lhasa, Tibet. In the spirit of generosity, all Jokhang programs are offered to the public free of charge, although participants are invited to offer donations as an expression of support. The Jokhang strives to operate in a spirit of openness and community, and everyone is welcome to come at any time for any activity in the meditation hall, regardless of religious affiliation.

The mission of the Jokhang meditation hall at Maitripa College is to offer traditional Tibetan Buddhist religious teachings to our graduate students, the local community and the public at large, to create an environment in which group spiritual practice may be developed and sustained, and to offer a forum in which to foster the spirit of community and friendship among all.

Student Commons

The student commons is open and available for student use before and after program classes, public teachings, and special events. Students may also organize study groups to meet in the student commons at a specified time—please call the office to make arrangements with a staff member. A student who wishes to use the student commons at other times must ring the doorbell for a staff member.


Maitripa College does not offer on-campus housing at this time. Students may post announcements on the Student Commons bulletin board, and on the student-only email group; neither of which constitute official College communications or endorsements and must be used at the students’ risk.


Street parking is available on SE Market and on SE 11th St. and neighboring streets.  Please read the street signs and obey them. Parallel parking must face the direction of traffic for that side of the street.

Identification Numbers and Cards

All Maitripa College students will be issued an identification number. Students who participate in Fall Term orientation and have their photo taken will be issued an ID card. Students who missed orientation must contact Student Services about rescheduling for their ID photo.