In recognition of our interdependent existence and with the wish to benefit sentient beings, Maitripa College has adopted the following plan to help us become more environmentally sustainable.


Maitripa College is located in the building shared with the FPMT International Office, which has been renovated with the following resource conservation measures for environmental stewardship:

  • The exterior walls have been thickened for extra insulation
  • The roof is super-insulated to conserve energy
  • Some windows have been replaced with thermopane windows, and gradually all windows will be replaced in this way
  • The elevator is turned off unless needed
  • The toilets are pressurized in order to use as little water as possible while complying with commercial standards
  • Office thermostats are set to reasonable levels, and are set in a way that reduces heating and cooling when the building is not being used
  • Bike racks were installed outside the building to encourage staff and students to travel in this manner

Energy and Lighting

  • Appliances are regularly maintained in order to keep them working at maximum efficiency
  • The goal is to use electricity supplied by renewal resources and to have regular energy audits to see how we can improve our energy consumption
  •  98% of light fixtures use high-efficiency bulbs and this will eventually be 100%
  • The restrooms use motion sensors that automatically shut off lights when they are not needed
  • All lights are turned off when leaving the building in the evening (with the exception of lights identified for security purposes), and natural light is utilized as much as possible
  • Computers are generally turned off at night to conserve energy

Recycling and Kitchen Usage

  • Maitripa ensures that as much recycling as possible is done, and there are clearly marked and accessible recycling bins in the kitchen and student commons
  • Used toner and ink cartridges are recycled
  • Reusable dishes, silverware, and glasses are used in the kitchen except for large events when this is not possible
  • No toxic cleaning products are used
  • Filtered drinking water is made available to reduce plastic bottled-water waste