Maitripa College’s rules of ethical conduct are designed to ensure that all members of the college’s community are capable of attaining the fulfillment of their educational objectives within an environment in which the physical, emotional, and spiritual health and security of each person is protected. Maitripa’s facilities are considered a sacred space, and all students are expected to conduct themselves with maturity and responsibility in that space, respecting the rights and property of others according to the principles of the Buddhadharma.

Prohibitions ~ The following are strictly prohibited at Maitripa College:


Plagiarism entails passing the work or information of others as if it were your own. Plagiarism is considered theft and will result in disciplinary action. Plagiarism includes taking information from sources that have been paraphrased, quoted, or summarized without giving credit to the original source. When writing an academic paper, all sources used must be listed with specific in-text citations, with the inclusion of full bibliographical details.


Dishonesty refers to lying and/or supplying information that is knowingly false to school faculty or administrators. This includes misrepresentation of information or the intentional defamation of an individual within the school community.


Maitripa College prohibits the harassment of any other member of our community. Harassment is the manifestation, be it written, verbal, emotional or physical, of statements of malicious intent directed toward any person in violation of our nondiscrimination policy and representing disregard for the ethical conduct outlined in the teachings of the Buddhadharma. Examples may include using inflammatory, violent or profane language; making jokes or using epithets about another person due to their origin, gender, sexual orientation or any other situation as expressed in our nondiscrimination policy; teasing or making practical jokes as expressed in our nondiscrimination policy; circulating or displaying degrading written material or pictures; or verbal abuse or insults of any kind.

Sexual Harassment

Examples of sexual harassment include:

  • Making sexual advances
  • Requesting sexual favors
  • Any other physical or verbal conduct, of a sexual nature, made or threatened to be made, implicitly or explicitly, placing terms or conditions on the person’s education or employment
  • Any conduct that may have as a purpose, or produce a result, of interfering with an individual’s professional or academic performance, or creating a sense of intimidation, hostility or offensive environment for the student or employee


Tampering with or accessing without authorization official school records and interfering with faculty and staff in the performance of their official duties.


Taking anything that has not been given, theft, acquiring without authorization, removing or inappropriately using property that belongs to the school or to others.


Failure to respond to official school business or correspondence in a timely manner.

Disorderly Conduct

Engaging in disorderly conduct or in any action that may endanger the health or safety of any member of the Maitripa community. This includes endangering the wellbeing of the person that is performing the action. 

Use of Intoxicants

The use, possession, and consumption of alcoholic beverages, drugs and controlled substances within the premises of the school building and public areas are prohibited.


Smoking in all campus areas is strictly prohibited.

Truancy and Tardiness

Absenteeism is not acceptable and all students are expected to be present at their classes and at community service hourly commitments. Written medical or verbal excuses for particular situations are required when the student is absent from a test, project, or community service commitment.

Recording and Copyrights

Students enrolled in a course may use personal recording equipment in class subject to the instructor’s approval. Personal recordings are not to be distributed to the public, and are to be used only by those enrolled in the class. All course lectures and original materials are copyrighted to Maitripa College and are not to be reproduced, copied, or published by any individual without express written permission from the professor and Maitripa College. Maitripa College archive recordings are currently not available for public use.