In order to ensure the safety and protection of all who attend classes and programs here, or who interact with us in any way, Maitripa College has appointed four Designated Protection People to act as contact points and facilitators between anyone with a concern and Maitripa College administration.

There are three main functions for a Designated Protection Person*, which are as follows:

  1. To act as an advocate and guide for the individual filing the complaint or concern
  2. To act independently in reporting concerns of abuse
  3. To oversee the preparation and implementation of the college Safeguarding policy.

*Note: Please be aware: a Designated Protection Person (DPP) is not an expert in child or adult protection.

If you have a complaint, concern, or question, please start by contacting any one of these individuals:


Namdrol Miranda Adams
Dean of Education

Tiffany Blumenthal Patrella 
Director of Student Services

Pamela Cayton
Board Member

Alberto Fournier
Board Chair