Maitripa College emphasizes the importance of protecting the rights and privacy of its students. All personal information submitted to Maitripa College is kept under strict confidentiality. Personal information and information on students’ records will only be released in the case of specific written authorization of the student. and are only disclosed in accordance with the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy act, which may include institutional, state or statutorily authorized federal officials, or employees of Maitripa College who need the information to perform their work as required by law, professional responsibilities, or management directives. Confidential student records may not be released to any other person or agency without the student’s written consent, unless on receipt of a subpoena or other court order or process. Institutional rules may provide for designated institutional officials to appear in court to test the validity of a subpoena or court order or process relating to release of student records.

An exception may be made by the president, dean or leadership team if disclosing personally identifiable information is in connection with an emergency in order to protect the health and safety of a student or other individual.  In case of an emergency, the factors such as the seriousness of the emergency, the type of information needed, the readiness/ability of the person receiving the information to actually provide assistance, and the urgency of the situation will be considered. This exception to confidentiality should be strictly interpreted.