Enrolling in a Course

Enrollment for any course is open through the deadline for adding/dropping a class. Very special circumstances may extend the enrollment deadline by permission of instructor only. 

Enrollment Limit

The current enrollment limit for residential students for the 2020-2021 school year is a maximum of 70 students per semester.  This number is based on the available space of the facilities and the number of current instructors.  The enrollment limit is established solely for the purpose of protecting the quality of education and safety for the students, instructors and staff of the college.

Degree Program Change

Students wishing to change or add degree programs must follow one of two processes: 1) submit a new, formal application for the new degree program, or 2) submit the Degree Program Change Request Form. Students who have completed less than two semesters of work for an existing degree must submit a new application and the Internal Transfer of Credit form. Students who have completed more than two semesters of work for an existing degree must submit the Degree Program Change Request form and the Internal Transfer of Credit form.

Non-Class Credit

Other than the approved service-learning curriculum, Maitripa College does not recognize any non-class credit for work done outside of classes.


Students will be required to register for each semester of enrollment at Maitripa College. Registration is completed by logging into a student account and adding or dropping classes. Students who need assistance can request an appointment with their advisor, the Director of Student Services or Technical Support. Registration opens at least one month before classes begin. Students may not register for classes if their accounts with the College are not in good standing.

Drop/Add Period

Students can add/drop classes up to and including September 11, 2020 for the Fall semester, and up to and including February 1, 2021 for the Spring semester. If a student plans to add a course after the course start date, they must attend the classes prior to adding unless approved absence is requested and granted by the professor. Any increase in tuition will be invoiced on the day of the change to the schedule and due immediately. If the student is on a payment plan and adds a class, the plan will be adjusted accordingly. Any outstanding tuition due for the month will be due immediately. Likewise, if a class is dropped during the add/drop period, the bookkeeper will process the refund on the day the dropped class is requested.

Retaking Courses

Degree program and continuing education students may retake a course they have already taken and for which a grade and credit were earned.  

  • Retake enrollment is as a student, not an auditor.
  • Only one instance of the course will count for credit.*
  • The higher of the two grades factors into the GPA.
  • Retake credits are not available for scholarship aid.

*Courses that may be repeated for earned credits are designated with an ‘r’ after the course number in the course catalog and during registration, e.g. TIB301r. Such courses are not subject to the above; they accrue credit, factor into GPA, and are included in scholarship calculations. If you are considering repeating a course, speak to an advisor about that course, your status, and any implications for meeting degree requirements and timely progress to graduation.