Students interested in taking classes as a continuing education student should complete the online application. Once accepted, students will be led through the registration process and have an opportunity to meet with an advisor. Continuing education students are expected to comply with the full attendance and evaluation requirements for the course.

In the case of a continuing education student who has been taking classes and wishes to enroll in a Maitripa degree program, he or she must submit a full application, receive acceptance as a degree student, and complete all requirements for graduation. The student must also submit the Transfer of Continuing Education Credit form. Up to 24 credits of coursework accumulated as a continuing education student within the past five years may be applied to a degree program.

Students with more than 24 credits of continuing education work may submit a petition for the recognition of additional credits to be reviewed by the Maitripa Program Committee. The recognition of additional credit is not guaranteed, and students interested in obtaining their degree should apply well in advance of meeting the 24 credit limit.

Availability of courses for continuing education students will be posted each semester on the college’s website and in the administrative office.

Please refer all admissions queries to: 

Maitripa College Administrative Office    
1119 SE Market St.
Portland, OR  97214