Program Learning Outcomes

Maitripa College constructs courses, course offerings, and degree program curricula in accordance with program learning outcomes (PLO) that reflect our unique contemplative educational model. Integrating scholarship, meditation, and service happens through learning opportunities that build knowledge, praxis, and habits of mind. On the basis of the College’s founding PLOs, research on the changing landscapes of professional fields, religious organizations, and higher education, and assessment of the current opportunities and strengths of the College, the PLOs have been refined and expanded. They will continue to undergo periodic review. Classes at Maitripa are taught at the graduate level. They can entail a combination of study of the great texts of Buddhist philosophy based on the structure of the lamrim (Gradual Path to Enlightenment), Tibetan language study, meditation practice, and service as part of a unique curriculum. The degree programs were designed by Yangsi Rinpoche to guide western students to both the intellectual understanding and personal realization of insights of Tibetan Buddhism. The programs provide a comprehensive, integrative, graduate-level education in Buddhist thought that integrates traditional scholarship with the tools and methods of western academic training, to be utilized in the modern world.