Master of Divinity Degree Required Courses (MDiv, 72 Credits)

Maitripa College faculty and staff are committed to periodic review and revision of this curriculum in light of new findings and methods in the fields of study, feedback from alumni and professionals, and faculty expertise. Maitripa College does not guarantee all courses will be offered as listed in the coming years. An individual student’s course of study will vary according to concentrations, language studies, pace of study, and elective options. Students should meet regularly with Academic Advisors and track their degree progression in Populi’s Degree Audit. For more information, please contact Leigh Miller (

On average, students who register for seven credits or more a semester complete the 72-credit Master of Divinity in four years, if taken consecutively. Our students who register for between one and six credits per semester complete the Master of Divinity in an average of approximately six years and are permitted to take up to seven years at most to complete their degrees. The fastest the degree can be completed is in three years, comprised of ten credits per fall and spring semester and six credits each for two summers (the six-credit summer Classical Tibetan Language Intensive and either a six-credit Field Education placement (internship) or six-credit (transfer) Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) unit). This workload, particularly balanced with other life commitments, is challenging for most students. On average, MDiv students take three to five years to complete their degree. Maitripa College will endeavor to support students pursuing an expedited timeline but does not guarantee courses offered according to curriculum design or credit hours in total can be offered within every three year period. All students are strongly advised to work closely with their academic advisors to plan their progress to graduation. Most students enroll for a mix of high- and lower- credit load terms in the course of their degree. All students are strongly advised to work closely with their academic advisors to plan their progress to graduation based on the below curriculum requirements. Please refer to the Degree Audit in Populi and your Advisor for the most up to date versions of the below course groupings, or the set requisite for your cohort.