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In the beginning, I sought much learning. |  In the middle, all teachings dawned on me as spiritual exhortation.  |  In the end, I practiced day and night.  |  I dedicated all this virtue for the dharma to flourish.
Thinking this over, how well my destiny is fulfilled!  |  Thank you very much, Noble Lord Wisdom Treasure!
I. Quest for Extensive Learning
With the darkness of confusion concerning the points to adopt or reject  |  Not dispelled by the lamp of perfect learning,  |  If you do not know even the path, what need to speak  |  Of entering the supreme city of liberation!
Therefore, not content with a partial or superficial understanding  |  Of the treatises of the Invincible Lord of Dharma (Ajita, or Maitreya)  |  And those of (the great sages) widely renowned in India  |  As the Six Ornaments and the Two Supreme Ones,  |  I studied them all in great detail.
-from Tenzin Tsepag, trans. “Destiny Fulfilled: Tsongkhapa’s Spiritual Training as a Song of Realization,” verses 4-6. (

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