Research & Resources: Information Literacy

For Faculty

Community of Online Research Assignments CORA : an open access resource for faculty and librarians.

Handouts, Worksheets, and Activities for Information Literacy Indiana University Bloomington Libraries

Project Information Literacy Project Information Literacy (PIL) is a nonprofit research institute that conducts ongoing, national studies on what it is like being a student in the digital age.

Research Assignment Design Research assignments often confuse students who have limited experience using sources in scholarly contexts. The ideas offered here come largely from librarians’ experiences supporting students in the research process. 
(Indiana University Libraries)

Research Assignment Design Checklist Use the checklist to help design and evaluate a research assignment.

Research Assignment Handouts_Suggested Additions Suggested ways to incorporate “Checklist for the Design of Effective Research Assignments” items into research assignments.

For Students

Develop a Thesis
Indiana University Bloomington Libraries

The Big Picture – videos and interactive guides
NC State University Libraries

Evaluating Internet Resources
Ask yourself these questions before using resources from the World Wide Web. (Georgetown University Library)

Evaluating Sources (UC Berkeley)
The questions on this page should help you explain why a particular source is a good fit for your research project.

Evaluating Sources Rhetorically
How you evaluate a source depends on the purpose of your research. Consider how the given source might inform your research and if it provides the most appropriate information for your purpose.

Evaluating Wikipedia
Tracing the Evolution and Evaluating the Quality of Articles

From Topic to Research Question
After choosing a topic and gathering background information, add focus with a research question.

Know Your Sources
A guide to understanding sources. (PCC)

Reading Scholarly Articles : Joining the Conversation
Strategies to help you read and use scholarly materials effectively. You may find that many academic texts offer meaningful ways to explore your and others’ ideas and perspectives.

Understanding Assignments (UNC Chapel Hill)
Why did your instructor ask you to do this particular task?
Who is your audience?
What kind of evidence do you need to support your ideas?
What kind of writing style is acceptable?
What are the absolute rules of the paper?

The Writing Center Tips & Tools
The UNC CHapel Hill Writing Center helps students become stronger, more flexible writers.

The Writing Center – Religious Studies
This handout explains several common writing assignments in religious studies and discusses what is unique about writing in this discipline. (UNC Chapel Hill)