“Like that which is precious, the sky and pure water,
Mind’s nature is always free of disturbing emotion.”

— Geshe Sonam Rinchen, “Sublime Continuum,” in Buddha Nature: Oral Teachings, p. 19

Buddha Nature
sangs rgyas kyi rigs (Berzin)
sangs rgyas kyi rang gi ngo bo (Hackett)

Literally: Buddha caste-trait, Buddha family-trait. A factor imputable on the stained mind of a limited being (sentient being) that transforms into or allows for the attainment of enlightenment. (Berzin Definitions)

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Indo-Tibetan Sources

Tathāgathagarbha Sutra (Uttarātantra Root Text)
‘phags pa de bzhin gshegs pa’i snying po zhes bya ba theg pa chen po’i mdo

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Ratnagotravibhāga/Uttarātantra (Sublime Continuum)
Tibetan: ཐེག་པ་ཆེན་པོ་རྒྱུད་བླ་མའི་བསྟན་བཅོས།
Wylie: ​​theg pa chen po rgyud bla ma’i bstan bcos (rgyud bla ma)
Sanskrit | Tibetan

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Tib: ཐེག་པ་ཆེན་པོ་རྒྱུད་བླ་མའི་བསྟན་བཅོས་རྣམ་པར་བཤད་པ། 
Wylie: ​​theg pa chen po rgyud bla ma’i bstan bcos rnam par bshad pa
Asaṅga and Gyaltsab Je’s Commentary on Sublime Continuum

  • Asaṅga, Dar-ma-rin-chen, Rgyal-tshab-rje (Gyaltsab Je), and Bo Jiang, trans. 2017. The Sublime Continuum and its Explanatory Commentary (Mahāyānottaratantraśāstravyākhyā ; Theg pa chen po rgyud bla ma’i bstan bcos dang de’i rnam par bshad pa). AIBS.  JABL

Contemporary Scholarship

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Media and Other Resources

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