Inspired by the wish to make the most of the precious opportunity and our fortune in being born in this time and place, in which we are equipped to learn from and with one another in so many ways, and are also able to have and to offer unprecedented access and flexibility to peers, mentors, and friends from all around the world, beginning with the Fall, 2021 term we will pilot a new structure for semesters at Maitripa College.

August 30-September 24

The first four weeks of the term, from August 30-September 24, will be offered entirely in-person at Maitripa College. Also during these weeks, outside of class sessions, we hope to offer other opportunities for students to learn, connect, and practice together onsite at Maitripa College. If you are not able to attend classes in person, for this semester only, you will be able to join any class or group practice session by Zoom and receive credit. This option will only be available for this semester, and is a special exception to our administrative functioning as we slowly emerge from Covid.

September 27-December 17

After the first four weeks in person, we will shift to a primarily remote delivery model utilizing the Zoom platform, with limited class sizes, from September 27-December 17. We will hold periodic and optional meetings onsite if needed, and plan to offer a robust schedule of Community Program and co-curricular activities at Maitripa College onsite that will be available to all. The details of that will be forthcoming later this month.


In September, in preparation for the online portion of the term, we will support you in setting up your learning environment at home, and in establishing and developing the basic habits of mind to be able to maintain your focus and intention throughout the term in keeping with our “fall retreat” model.


* Fall Tibetan classes with Bill Magee will continue 100% online only.

* In order to attend *onsite classes* at Maitripa College in Fall term, you must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

* If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this structure for fall term, please contact your advisor, or email Namdrol at

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