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We invite you to Tara’s Place: a prepared environment in which the youngest among us can play and learn and grow. This space is being created by experienced early childhood educators from Maitripa College who have long aspired to develop a place where children may receive the best possible conditions to develop their innate goodness, in an environment of beauty, serenity, and joy. 

What is Tara’s Place?

Tara’s Place is the Children’s Program at Maitripa College, aligned with the Maitripa College mission of education through wisdom and compassion. Our children’s education program will integrate care for self, care for the environment, positive relationships, and joy as foundations for learning and life.

The Program at Tara’s Place

General Description:

Tara’s Place at Maitripa College offers a specially prepared environment in which children of different ages can participate in their own process of learning by actively engaging in all activities provided and modeled by prepared adult facilitator guides.  Tara’s Place is not a religious program or a “Sunday School”, and religion will not be taught to the children. Pre-registration is not required for your child to attend.

Tara’s Place Sunday Program:

Tara’s Place Sunday Program is designed for children who accompany their parents to Maitripa College Community teachings on Sunday. The program includes activities and space design inclusive of a diverse age range of children. Activities take into consideration the ages and stages of the children, providing for their interests and needs and fostering relationships of respect, care, and sharing. The space is integrated into the Maitripa College existing environment, and organized with care, beauty, and order, encouraging the children to work individually and in groups while respectfully interacting with the space, activities,  and one another.  Adult facilitators are trained to prepare the environment, and to build relationships of trust and communication by modeling activities and attitudes and establishing personal connections.

11-12:30 pm; most Sundays (check monthly calendar to confirm)


February 2
11:00 am - 12:30 pm
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