Spring 2017 Course Schedule

Interested in studying Buddhist Philosophy, practicing Meditation that uproots the causes of suffering, and developing skills that support other’s in their spiritual development? Click here for Prospective Student information, including links for the Master of Arts and Master of Divinity Degree Program applications. Better yet, consider joining us as a Continuing Education Student this Spring!

Spring 2017 Schedule

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Spring 2017 Course Descriptions and Highlights

Courses listed here are open for enrollment for all Degree Program and Continuing Education students. See the schedule on the left for the complete course offerings this semester. If you are new to Maitripa College and are wondering if a course is right for you, please contact Tiffany at studentservices@maitripa.org

Spiritual and Pastoral Care in Theory and Practice (CST135) with Vitalia Brooks

This course will familiarize students with the history and paradigm shifts in the field of chaplaincy and pastoral care. Students will learn current therapeutic professional skills, such as basic presence, spiritual assessment of self and [...]

Interfaith Literacy and Leadership:
A Perspective and Tools for Our Times (CST009) with Namdrol Adams

Largely based on the groundbreaking work of Eboo Patel and the Interfaith Youth Core, this course will explore the role of and foster the development of the knowledge and skills necessary to engage effectively [...]

Engaged Buddhism: Non-Violence and Social Justice
in Buddhist Thought and Practice (THL305) with Dr. Leigh Miller

Engaged Buddhism is the application of the Dharma to large and small scale problems that cause suffering in the world. Most commonly it is thought of as Buddhist social and political action, but can include [...]

Introduction to Tantra (PHL403) with Yangsi Rinpoche

This course will give an introduction and overview to Buddhist tantra as it came through India to Tibet. We will explore its history and lineage, as well as gain an understanding of basic tantric philosophy. [...]

Foundations of Buddhist Thought and Techniques of Buddhist Meditation:
The Medium & Great Scope with Yangsi Rinpoche

Combining these two courses will give an insight into your own spiritual development that is rare and wonderful! Not only will you gain a thorough understanding of traditional, Geluk Buddhist philosophy, but your journey will [...]