MA and MDiv students’ final degree requirement, to be determined in consultation with their academic advisors, may be the completion of an MA exam, thesis, MDiv comprehensive paper, or the action research project, for students commencing their degree prior to August 2020. All current degree students are strongly encouraged to enroll in ARP502 (second semester) or ARP504 (4th semester or above) in Spring 2020 to work towards completion of their individual final degree requirements within a cohort and faculty supported structure.

The Action Research Project is a form of integrative and collaborative research, reflection, and writing. Students chose a principle question and work with faculty mentors to design a research project. The ARP course meets for four, day-long working class sessions, once a month, February-May. The total credits for the ARP project is 4 for MA students, divided over two spring terms, and may be up to 6 credits for MDiv students, depending upon the project scope.

Credits: 2
Faculty: Leigh Miller, Namdrol Miranda Adams, Tiffany Patrella Blumenthal
Dates: Feb 4, March 3, April 7, May 5
Time: 12 – 5pm