February 3: Spring 2014 semester begins; registration opens for Summer 2014 semester

March 1: Early Admissions Deadline for Fall 2014 semester

February 17: Last day to add/drop classes for Spring 2014 semester

March 31-April 11: Spring break

May 1: Priority Deadline for application for Fall 2014 semester

June 2: Registration opens for Fall 2014 semester

June 6: Spring semester ends

June 8: Graduation, 11 AM


June 16 – August 14: Summer Session


September 1: Fall 2014 semester begins

September 15: Last day to add/drop classes for Fall 2014 semester

November 24-30: Thanksgiving week

December 8: Registration opens for Spring 2015 semester; registration opens for Summer 2015 semester

December 19: Fall 2014 semester ends


February 2: Spring 2015 semester begins

February 15: Last day to add/drop classes for Spring 2015 semester

March 2: Early Admissions Deadline for Fall 2015 semester

March 30-April 10: Spring break

May 1: Priority Deadline for application for Fall 2015 semester

May 15: Registration opens for Fall 2015 semester

June 5: Spring semester ends

June 7: Graduation


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June 15 – August 14: Summer Session

Maitripa College is a nonprofit corporation authorized by the State of Oregon to offer and confer the degrees described in this website, following a determination that state academic standards will be satisfied under OAR 583-030. Inquiries concerning the standards or school compliance may be directed to the Higher Education Coordinating Commission / Office of Degree Authorization, 775 Court Street NE, Salem, OR 97310-0103.

Continuing Education student enrollment is available to individuals not seeking degrees at Maitripa College. Continuing Education students are not formally admitted to a degree program at Maitripa College, but are free to enroll in as many of the MA or MDiv degree classes as they wish in satisfaction of their personal educational goals. (Please see “Restrictions below” for more detail.)

Continuing Education students need only register for classes online: no other formal pre-application or entry forms are necessary.

How to Become a Continuing Education Student.

Click here to go to the online course registration page, and  select "I am a Continuing Education student" in the Student Status question.

You will receive an automated confirmation message upon completion of the online registration, and an invoice will follow shortly thereafter. You may also print the registration page and submit it to Maitripa College’s administrative office in person, by email, or by mail prior to enrollment for your term of classes at Maitripa. 

The office will contact you with any registration questions we may have, to notify you if course(s) do not permit room for CE students, to verify applicable prerequisites, or conduct course advising with new CE students. 

Please contact  with any questions about  your continuing education at Maitripa College, and make an appointment to discuss your goals with us if we have not yet enjoyed the opportunity to do so.

Restrictions Applicable to Continuing Education Students

Some courses that require formal admission to Maitripa College may not be available to Continuing Education students. Scholarship assistance is also not available. Priority in classes reaching capacity is given to degree-seeking students; therefore, Continuing Education students may be wait-listed for classes with full registration. Continuing Education students also do not receive student ID cards and may be ineligible for some discounts. 

Up to 24 credits of accumulated work as a Continuing Education student may be applied to a student’s transcript should they wish to become formally admitted to a degree program at Maitripa College within five years of accumulating the credit.

Continuing Ed students are subject to the same rules as formally admitted students with regard to academic standards and all other points (add, drop, tuition refunds, grade change option, etc.).

CE in Psychology Credits
Some continuing education courses may be available for CE in Psychology credit.

The Educational Mission of Maitripa College : Developing the Wisdom to Sustain Compassion

Maitripa College's educational program is based in the conviction that Buddhist thought and practice has significant contributions to make to American society and culture. On the basis of a worldview that emphasizes the interdependence of individual, society, and the environment, Buddhism encourages the cultivation of wisdom to create compassionate individuals with a sense of responsibility for the community and world they live in. Maitripa College seeks to do this through the powerful medium of higher education, through the offering and development of degree programs for adults. The core program at Maitripa integrates rigorous training in Buddhist thought and philosophy with the application of those ideas through contemplative practice and active community service. In the process, Maitripa combines aspects of a modern liberal arts education with traditional tools from Tibetan Buddhist scholarship.

Click here for a full description of the vision and mission of Maitripa College.


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